Our mission is to have funds ready for doxies that need last minute rescue.


Bella’s Fund is a charity designated to raise funds for rescue Doxies. Our focus is on Seniors, especially those on the E-list. The funds will be offered to approved rescues to assist with medical fees when needed in order for them to rescue. Occasionally, when no rescue has stepped up and we have an approved foster or adopter, we will cover medical fees for a stray to keep them from ending up in a shelter…. We do not assist private owners with medical expenses but can offer a list of contacts for organizations that do.

About Bella

This site was created in memory of Bella… She was a rescue Doxie from a shelter who was just beginning her new life in her loving forever home with our family. When rescued, she had been severely neglected and in need of medical care. She had been with us for 6 weeks and was beginning to get pretty healthy for a 10 yr old rescue Doxie. Then, on our daily walk, she and Weezer were attacked by 2 off-leash big dogs. She later passed away due to the attack.

This was devastating to have her taken from us so soon in such a senseless tragedy. We loved her so much! A lot of people donated to help with Bella’s expenses, hoping and praying we would be able to save her life, which we were very grateful for. Unfortunately, that was not to be…

So, we have decided to use those donations to start a fund. Our main focus will be on Senior Doxies. Its purpose will be to help other Doxies on their last day at the shelter, like Bella was (she was on the 5am E-List) with funds needed for a Rescue to pull them from the shelter. In Memory of Bella and in Honor of all our friends who were praying for and donated for her we are creating… Bella’s Fund~

The Goodin Family (Chris, Karen, Weezer, and Toby)

~ Her time with us was short but she will be forever in our hearts ~

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Weezer and Bella

Weezer and Bella loved each other!

Bella playing dress up

Bella playing dress up


Bella, Weezer, and Mom

Bella, Weezer, and Mom

The Three Little Doxies

Once upon a time there were 3 little Doxies, siblings, that had been abandoned at the animal shelter. They had already lived a neglected life and in their senior years, in need of medical care, and this was how the owners decided to care for them! Letting them suffer there, afraid and confused until their number came up on the euthanization list. And that day came…Labor Day weekend 2011! They were on the 5am E List for Monday when I found out about them. All of us FB Doxie friends, the Doxyteers, were networking and doing everything we could to save them. Finally, with my offer of covering the cost of their much needed dentals, a rescue organization offered to go and pull them out of the shelter.

When the rescuer got there and met the dogs, she decided that only 1 was healthy enough to have a chance – and that was Bella! So the rescuer pulled her from the shelter. We all wondered what happened to the other 2 siblings, Lil Bit and Miss Daisy, and assumed the worst! Later on we heard that another rescue had pulled them out of the shelter, but we didn’t know who rescued them or where they were being cared for. So, when I got Bella here with us I decided that if I could find them I was going to take Bella to visit her siblings when her health got better. Unfortunately, she passed away from an attack by off-leash dogs before she could visit Lil Bit and Miss Daisy.

A few weeks after she passed I was searching Petfinders for a Doxie puppy. I had someone wanting one and agreed to rescue, NOT purchase, if I could find one. Then, as I was scrolling through the listings, suddenly I came upon Lil Bit and Miss Daisy!!! I could not believe it! I immediately contacted the rescue and made arrangements to pick them up. They were both 10 yrs old, and tiny little things. Daisy had almost died from pneumonia after she was rescued from the shelter but somehow she had pulled through. Our Doxie, Weezer, took right to them and they liked him too. Unfortunately, they did not have the same feeling toward our senior cat, Toby! It’s an understatement to say they were NOT cat friendly. So, we weren’t able to adopt them after all. When I took them back to the rescue, tears flowing down my face, I promised them that I would work as hard as I could to find them a loving, forever home together. So, for the next month that’s all I did. I posted on my FB networking page that my Christmas wish was for a wonderful forever home for them. And that wish finally came true!!! Thanks to Kelly and her family!

On Jan 7, 2012 Bella’s Fund’s Friends (BFF’s) were on a mission!! Kelly flew out to Phoenix, AZ  from VA and I picked them up from the rescue and met her with Lil Bit and Miss Daisy. We were also able to meet another BFF in person while we were there; Susan had been following the story and wanted to meet us and, of course, Lil Bit and Miss Daisy. It was a HAPPY day!! I love those little Doxies so much and the fact that they were Bella’s siblings made finding a permanent home for them something I had to do for her. It was a bittersweet moment at the airport watching them leave with Kelly. I so wanted to keep them but was so grateful to Kelly. Watching them leaving with their new Mommy… happy tears were flowing!

We may be several thousand miles apart, but Lil Bit and Miss Daisy will always have me as their Guardian Angel on Earth, while Bella looks out for them from Doxie Heaven.

Karen Goodin, January 31, 2012

Lil Bit and Miss Daisy

Lil Bit and Miss Daisy flew with me from Phoenix, Arizona to Norfolk, Virginia on January 7th, 2012. Even during their trip they were acting as rescue advocates! They traveled together in a small soft-sided crate that was approved by the airlines. While waiting for our flight they met many other passengers and that led to lots of discussion about adoption, rescue and fostering.

On the plane they were perfectly behaved and never even made a peep!

They quickly acclimated to life in the Landgraf Pack. Miss Daisy immediately took a liking to my husband Joe and the feeling is mutual. They snuggle everyday when dad comes home from work. Lil Bit and his adorable dangling tongue makes me smile every time I look at him. Austin, Karli and Spike welcomed them with open paws. I think they sensed their age and frailty because there has not been any squabbling or aggression from any of them.

They have both gained a little weight here and are very eager eaters. Their favorite activity is napping on the couch. They are not interested in potty training so we decided at their age we would just supply them with little diapers to help with this issue.

Lil Bit and Miss Daisy were saved from certain death with the help of their sister Bella. Through her death funds were raised to save them. I am so happy that something so positive could come out of something so sad.

Kelly Landgraf, February 10, 2012

photo of two Dachshunds, Lil Bit and Miss Daisy

Photo of two special Doxies, Lil Bit and Miss Daisy

photo of Lil Bit in his new sweater

photo of Miss Daisy

Lil Bit and Miss Daisy in their new sweaters donated by Miss Beth.

To see more photos of  Doxies we’ve helped, Please visit our Happy Tails  page.


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